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Schedule a Mediation with Bruce Nye

If you are interested in having Bruce Nye mediate your case, call him at 415.577.9453, where he will answer.  E-mail:  Be prepared to give us the name of the case, if there is one, and/or the names and contact information for the parties, or lawyers for represented parties. We will contact everyone to confirm their willingness to participate and select a mutually convenient date and time. Mediations are scheduled for either a half day (4 hours) or a full day (8 hours), with a two hour minimum. 

Pricing and payment: Bruce's standard rate for mediation of litigated matters is $450 per hour for two parties, $550 for three parties, and $650 for four or more parties, with all hourly rates divided among the parties equally unless they have agreed otherwise. 

Pricing for neighborhood disputes and nonprofits is discounted on a case-by-case basis.


The pre-mediation preparation and review of mediation briefs and other documents before the mediation are done at no charge. If the mediation is cancelled or rescheduled less than five business days before the agreed start date and time, each party will be billed for one hour. If the mediation ends before the time allotted has elapsed because the case has settled, the parties will only be billed for the amount of mediation time actually spent, again with a minimum of two hours. If it ends early because one or more parties declines to complete the mediation, the parties will be billed for the full amount of time scheduled. 

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