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Why mediate with Bruce Nye?


After many decades as a successful California trial lawyer, I have decided to  move from warrior to peacemaker. After 43+ years, I no longer work as an attorney advocate. Instead, I work on eliminating dispute. My emphasis is on disputes concerning real estate, chemical exposure, Proposition 65, product liability, lemon law and other consumer litigation, some of the many areas where I have substantial litigation experience. However, I enjoy the opportunity to help resolve any and all kinds of disputes. As a fairly competitive person, I'm proud that more than 80% of the disputes I've worked on have resolved. I am really enjoying helping lawyers, clients and members of the community reach settlements that satisfy everyone. 

Mediating cases involving:

Real Estate Disputes

Proposition 65

Chemical Exposure

Product liability

Lemon Law 

Consumer Disputes

Many other types of matters, including 

Employment, Business Disputes, Persona Injury  and 

Neighborhood disagreements


Location: Oakland, CA







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